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Diabetes Awareness

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. When you have diabetes, it is essential that you take care of your body. The National Committee on Quality Assurances recommends an annual foot exam for all diabetic patients. The American Podiatric Medical Association reports that 50% of diabetic patients will develop neuropathy which is the loss of feeling in the lower extremities. This nerve damage means that open sores or injuries on the foot may go unnoticed until it becomes infected. Podiatry Associates recommend checking your feet daily for cuts, sores, red spots, and infected toenails. We also recommend washing your feet daily, gently smoothing out corns and calluses, and protect your feet from extreme temperatures. It is essential that you see your podiatrist when you have concerns or problems but also for routine foot care visits. Call our office for more information and to schedule your routine foot care or annual exam.

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