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Basic Foot Care

Common Foot Problems

There are many issues that can affect your feet.  From bunions to warts Podiatry Associates can help you get the relief your feet need.  If your foot looks like this, you need to come see us!

Podiatric Foot Care

You never really realize how important your feet are until something is wrong with them and it is hard to walk.  Sometimes the problems are acute and can be resolved with ice, heat, exercises, or a change in footwear.  Other times it requires the care of a podiatrist to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  A podiatrist is trained to recognize and diagnose a wide range of conditions that can affect your ankle, feet, and nails.

Children can also have issues that affect their feet.   At Podiatry Associates, we diagnose, manage, and treat all foot, ankle, and toe conditions in children, teens, and young adults.  Preventative foot care is critical in children with genetic foot issues.

Ingrown Toenails

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Corns & Calluses

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