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In-Office Procedures

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No need to deal with the hassle of hospitals when we can do your podiatric procedures as an in-office surgery.  And if your surgery is complex and requires a hospital, all of our providers service Baltimore area hospitals.

Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric surgery is the treatment of foot, ankle, and related lower extremities with surgical procedures performed by licensed, qualified, and accredited podiatrists referred to as podiatric surgeons.  At Podiatry Associates, all of our doctors are either Board Certified or Board Qualified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.  Our podiatric surgeons perform procedures both in-office and in hospital settings.  Whether you are suffering from an acute sports injury or a chronic foot deformity, our podiatrists can provide you with the solution to your pain so that you can return to your normal activities.

Regardless which of our podiatric surgeons you see, you can be certain that we will fully explore all your options with you to ensure you have the best treatment option for your needs.  We even perform some surgeries in our office so that you can avoid the stress of a hospital visit.

Office Procedures

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