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Receive Crucial Medical Attention
Using Telemedicine

When office visits are not an option, we continue to care for
our patients via telemedicine virtual consultations, which are
HIPPA compliant and covered by your insurance.

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Why Patients Love Us

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why patients love Podiatry Associates and keep referring us to their family and friends:

  • Board Certified Podiatrists
  • 12 Convenient MD Locations
  • Accommodating In-office Surgery
  • High Quality Foot Care
  • Serving MD since 1965

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We take the utmost care of every patient and take pride in their treatment and healing process. Listen for yourself to what our patients have to say:

Podiatry Telemedicine

There are times when it’s just not feasible for our patients to come to the office to be examined, whether it be a pandemic, a lack of transportation, an illness, or some other circumstantial hindrance. But the need to see a podiatrist is important for their health and wellbeing.

That’s why Podiatry Associates offers telemedicine consultations via video calls with our patients. Our telemedicine appointments are great for those patients who require a checkup, medical consultation, or diagnostic services but are unable to physically visit our office.

Specific types of qualifying telemedicine appointments may include:

  • Initial consultation with a new patient to discuss and visually examine the condition
  • A consultation with a patient concerning existing or established problems that we can deal with remotely
  • A postoperative appointment after ingrown toenail surgery, wound care, or anything that doesn’t require physical treatment
  • Discussing home remedy and home care options with the doctor
  • A cooperative appointment with another medical professional who is also caring for the patient
  • Sending lab orders or prescriptions

If you have any questions whether we can conduct your specific appointment via a telemedicine video call, please call our office at (833) 500-FEET to discuss.

HIPPA Compliant

The video technology we use for our telemedicine appointments is HIPPA compliant and has end-to-end encryption for additional security and protection of your sensitive health information.

Covered by Insurance

All insurances, including Medicare, cover these telemedicine appointments as of March 2019. There is no copay and many plans are completely waiving the deductible as well. If you have questions about your specific insurance coverage for telemedicine, please feel free to call us to discuss.

How it works

Simply call us at (833) 500-FEET or fill out the form below to request a telemedicine appointment. We will contact you to discuss available time slots that work for your schedule. Prior to the appointment, you will receive a meeting invitation with a link and password to join the meeting at the appointed time. If you haven’t downloaded the latest approved telehealth platform (i.e. secure audio video connection using Zoom) on your phone or computer before, it is advised that you click on the meeting link at least 10 minutes before the appointment and follow the prompts to install the software. You will then be taken to a waiting screen until the physician is ready to see you.

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