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Foot Skin Conditions


How Do Skin Issues Affect Feet?

Inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, athlete’s foot, and fungal infections can impact the health and mobility of your feet.  Some skin disorders like contact dermatitis and athlete’s foot are temporary and relatively minor.  Other skin conditions can extremely painful and even life-threatening.  Skin conditions can be genetic or infectious in nature.  


What are the Symptoms of Skin Infections?

Infection, whether fungal, bacterial, or viral primarily causes skin rashes and lesions when the infection affects the feet.  Irritations and allergic reactions can also result in skin rashes.  Many different skin conditions can display similar symptoms, so it is best to have a trained professional diagnose a skin condition. 


When to See a Podiatrist

Be sure to visit your podiatrist if you are experiencing skin disorders that are affecting your feet such as rashes, lesions, or inflammation.

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Your podiatrist has been trained specifically and extensively in the diagnosis and treatment of all manner of foot conditions. This training encompasses all of the intricately related systems and structures of the foot and lower leg including neurological, circulatory, skin, and the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.

The information on this page is provided by The American Podiatric Medical Association.


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