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We are quickly made aware of any visible, physical abnormalities we may develop. But are we similarly concerned with those ailments which are not so apparent? We can easily ignore some of the physical abnormalities that are not commonly visible. Ingrown toenails, for example, are often overlooked or ignored. People may not recognize that they have ingrown toenails because we are either wearing shoes or socks during most of our waking hours. However, not only does this condition require immediate medical attention, but also a changed lifestyle. People often carry on with their normal way of life and make mistakes that should be avoided if you have ingrown toenails. Even after recognizing an ingrown toenail, most people do not know what to do. Here are some of the major mistakes that people with ingrown toenails make:


Continue Wearing Tight Shoes

There is a misconception that tight-fitting shoes are the best fitting shoes. A tight-fitting pair of shoes will give you the impression that they fit your feet best because they hug your feet well. However, to be a good fitting pair of shoes, you need space for your nails to feel comfortable and for your toes to spread out well. If you identify ingrown toenails on either of your feet, try to avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes. To prevent ingrown toenails in future, wear shoes with enough width. Tight shoes, such as shoes with a narrow toe area or toe box, or shoes with steel caps could be problematic. These types of shoes create undue pressure on the toenails and on the surrounding skin, pushing the nails into the skin.


Wrong Technique for Nail Cutting

Poor nail cutting techniques can also generate problems like ingrown toenails. For example, if you curve the edges too much while cutting your toenails, it can encourage that nail to push down on the surrounding skin. Pulling the nails off will only make it worse if your toenails are already ingrown. You will be left with a nail spicule that will grow into an ingrown toenail shortly afterwards. Additionally, avoid cutting your toenails too short.


Doing nothing about it

Toenails are a part of our body that we often overlook. This is the most common mistake that people make with ingrown toenails. Today, ingrown toenail removal surgery is quite common and could remove your abnormal toenails easily. Ingrown toenails won’t disappear overnight. For this reason, we must pay attention to our feet and act accordingly if we notice an ingrown toenail.

There is more than one ingrown toenail surgery Baltimore centre that can help you with this common problem. If you are struggling with ingrown toenails, contact us to discuss the removal of your ingrown toenails.

Time to See a Podiatrist?

If you have any of the issues described above, it’s time to consult an expert. Connect with Podiatry Associates for an evaluation. All of our doctors are board certified/qualified and we’re dedicated to preserving your foot health.


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