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Foot care is essential for diabetes patients because diabetes is proven to have its effects on foot nerves because of a significant reduction in blood flow. Diabetic patients have a higher chance of foot infection caused by an injury that can become life-threatening and/or require diabetic wound care.

If you have diabetes and you are careless about your feet, you are putting yourself at high risk. A minor injury can turn into a significant complication or a deadly disease. Therefore it is essential to visit one of our podiatrists in Baltimore to ensure that you are receiving professional foot care and treatment for foot health conditions.

If you are facing any of the following diabetic foot care issues, please don’t try and do it yourself – these are best left to the foot care professionals:

Shoe Fitting

Diabetic patients have to be extra careful about their footwear. Visit our podiatrists in Baltimore immediately if you are facing poor blood circulation and/or loss of sensation in your feet due to your new shoes. Diabetic shoe fitting will ensure that you wear a properly fitted shoe and do not develop any foot sores that can become life-threatening if left unattended.


Professional Foot Exams 

It is important for diabetics to have their feet inspected by a professional on a routine basis. Since many diabetics have lost feeling in their feet, serious foot issues can easily be left unnoticed. Schedule an appointment periodically with our foot and ankle specialists at Podiatry Associates to help prevent any further foot complications caused by diabetes.

For extra assurance, seek medical advice and get your feet checked by our podiatric surgeons Baltimore biannually or annually at least. If you notice swelling, redness, or have any suspicions about your foot health, immediately schedule an appointment with one of our trusted podiatrists in Baltimore.  


Toe Nail Care

It is advisable to have a podiatrist regularly perform the toenail care for diabetics since a small cut from trimming their own nails could quickly escalate into a larger issue. You can help minimize further issues by having a podiatrist regularly perform your nail care. 

In-grown nails and nail infections especially should always be treated by an experienced podiatrist. Visit our podiatrists for ingrown toenail treatment baltimore, for proper diabetic ingrown nail surgery and infection control.


Foot Infection or Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment 

In diabetic foot care, the role of a podiatrist can range from preventative treatments and education to diagnosing and treating issues before they develop into a bigger problem. In serious cases like a diabetic foot infection or diabetic foot ulcer treatment, podiatrists provide regular treatment and schedule frequent check-ups to ensure that the patient’s condition is steadily improving. 

As a rule of thumb for diabetic foot treatment, it is best to consult a podiatrist for shoe fitting, foot examinations, routine nail care and especially foot infections and diabetic wound care treatment.

If you need professional diabetic foot care treatment in Baltimore or wound care treatment in Baltimore and the surrounding areas or have any questions about the treatments described above, check out our Podiatry Associates locations and find a podiatrist near you. Feel free to call our scheduling office to discuss your specific situation: (833) 500-FEET.


Time to See a Podiatrist?

If you have any of the issues described above, it’s time to consult an expert. Connect with Podiatry Associates for an evaluation. All of our doctors are board certified/qualified and we’re dedicated to preserving your foot health.


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